Dryp's Philosophy
We believe that observations data from the urban water cycle should be easily obtained and automated translated into information and knowledge, helping the users create value in their own business. The origin of our solutions is user experiences and journeys to ease the use of distributed observation data. Dryp is jointly formed by MONTEM, InforMetics and Aarhus Vand to develop integrated solutions from smart sensors to information creation that will make it economically feasible to monitor the water cycle with hundreds of sensors.

What Dryp does
The Dryp solutions provide water utilities with easy access to information about their infrastructure to assist them in optimizing operations and planning. Dryp simplifies the overall installation, maintenance, and management. Dryp uses the new opportunities with the technologies of IoT, big data, and Information and Communication. Dryp enables water utilities to scale installation of water measurement units cost-effectively to obtain a coherent overview of the urban water cycle from the drop formation in the atmosphere to the runoff into the receiving waters.

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Meet the team

Peter Rasch
CEO / Point of contact for ideas and interest
Malte Ahm
CRO / Applications and vision
Lasse Simmelgaard Børresen
Data Science / Database and Machine Learning
Christian Østergaard Laursen
Mr. Fix-it / Device Communication and installation
Anders Høedholt
Hardware designer / Sensors and connectivity
Many more - once we have some new pics !

We support The sustainable development goals

Common for the challenges facing both the industrialized and developing countries’ water sectors, is the lack of coherent information and knowledge about the water cycle. Updated information, that clarifies the complex water system interactions to a degree, where vital correlations and dependencies are known and understood, is a prerequisite for ensuring effective holistic decision-making. Holistic decision-making and cost-effective prioritization are essential to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

We provide water utilities and municipalities with a simple cost-effective solution to monitor the water cycle and obtain coherent overview. Hence, providing essential information about the real interactions of human-made and natural water systems. Coherent information and knowledge can focus and streamline clean water and sanitation initiatives and climate actions. Furthermore, optimizing investments and minimizing environmental impacts of the receiving waters. Holistic management of the urban water cycle is vital for achieving sustainable, resilient and livable cities.
Dryp is based on continues research and development through Quadro Helix innovation partnerships, university-industry-utility-regulator, addressing the water sector’s monitoring and information gathering needs as simple and cost-effective as possible. The partnerships are setup to accelerate technology diffusion from academia to implementation.

Our design philosophy is centered around rapid technology diffusion to provide continues improvement to the users. One of the downsides of rapid technology diffusion is the waste from obsolete hardware. We have designed our business model and hardware platform to allow hardware recycling and rapid technology diffusion to go hand-in-hand..