Distributed ONline monitoring of the Urban waTer cycle

DONUT is a three-year project that utilizes the current advances in smart energy-efficient sensors, IoT, big-data and ICT combined with the project partners’ comprehensive knowledge and experience to develop a unified cost-efficient grand solution spanning from measurement to information creation.

The water sectors’ challenges are the lack of information and knowledge about the water cycle. This information does not exist today and is increasingly requested for monitoring of both man-made and natural water systems.This project will develop and commercialize a unified solution, which will enable cost-efficient distributed monitoring of the hydrological and hydraulic states of the urban water cycle and provide data and knowledge about the system correlations. Also, this project will help the water sector to move into the big data era as it will develop and mature the basis of the forthcoming IoT and ICT infrastructures for blue, green and climate-adapted cities.

The illustration above shows a distributed monitoring of the urban water cycle with 60 measurement units; however, the aim is distributed monitoring networks consisting of hundreds or thousands of measurement units to provide a holistic real time overview of the urban water cycle.

Project partners and funding
The partners of the DONUT project will participate in the different work packages during the project period. The partners are Aarhus Vand, VandCenter Syd, Aalborg University - Department of Civil Engineering, Aalborg University - Department of Computer Science, MONTEM, InforMetics, and Aarhus Municipality.The project is funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark for a period of 3 years from 2018-2021.

Organization and steering committee
Project members and members of the steering committee, who are responsible for coordinating of the different work packages and partner contributions:

Project organization
Steering committee
  • Project leader
    Malte S. Ahm, Aarhus Vand
  • WP 1 leader
    Michael R. Rasmussen, Aalborg University
  • WP 2 leader
    Anders Høedholt, MONTEM
  • WP 3 leader
    Peter S. Rasch, InforMetics
  • WP 4 leader
    Malte S. Ahm, Aarhus Vand
  • WP 5 leader
    Malte S. Ahm, Aarhus Vand
  • Claus Møller Pedersen, Aarhus Vand
  • Gerda Hald, VandCenter Syd
  • Jes Vollertsen, Aalborg Universitet – VM (Chairman of the Steering Group)
  • Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Aalborg Universitet - CISS
  • Christian Østergaard Laursen, MONTEM
  • Peter S. Rasch, InforMetics
  • Gitte Normand Andersen, Aarhus Kommune – CME (observer)

Work packages
The DONUT project is divided into 5 work packages:

The project is organised in six main cycles, five development cycles and a finalising cycle. Each of the six main cycles is designed to support an iterative solution-oriented development process as illustrated below, where project partners collaborate closely to create a holistic solution according to the overall aim and vision of the project. The iterative process is illustrated below along with a list of the cycle themes.

Basis measurements unit and operational data flow
Stable communication and data quality
Self-configurating and self-diagnosis measure-ment unit
Self-compensating measurement unit with edge processing. Advanced cloud analytics for a holistic overview.
Adaptive energy and measurement strategy man-aged automatically from cloud application. Focus on holistic end-to-end solution.
Validation, documentation and authority regula-tion. Focus on holistic end-to-end solution.

Scientific research and application of software sensor, edge processing and quality system for advanced hydraulic features in the water cycle

Work package leader:
Michael R. Rasmussen (Aalborg University)

To ensure the knowledge base for the hydraulic software sensors and advanced quality and fault correction system.

The main activities are focused on

Development of modular cost-efficient smart plug ‘n’ play measurement units

Work package leader:
Anders Høedholt (MONTEM)

To develop the cost-effective IoT-based hardware platform for the unified solution. Development is
based on an iterative design process in collaboration with stakeholders, thus ensuring a low TCO.

The main activities are focused on

Development of online big-data-processing platform and knowledge creation

Work package leader:
Peter S. Rasch (InforMetics)

To develop the online big-data-processing platform and ensure the information and knowledge creation from the distributed monitoring network and other relevant data sources.

The main activities are focused on

Application of knowledge from smart distributed measurement network using developed analytical tools

Work package leader:
Malte S. Ahm (Aarhus Vand)

To ensure the relevance of the developed products and solutions for the Danish water utilities, while working towards a global target market (developed and developing countries).

The main activities are focused on

Project administration, communication and dissemination

Work package leader: Michael R. Rasmussen (Aalborg University)

Aim: To ensure the knowledge base for the hydraulic software sensors and advanced quality and fault correction system.

The main activities are focused on

Contact project leader

Malte Skovby Ahm
Aarhus Vand A/S
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