To ease the on-boarding, Dryp meets the requirements and wishes of the water utilities. We are happy to share our experiences and assist you in getting hands-on experiences with IoT, digitalization, and machine learning. We want to help you finding the best way to integrate the new technologies in your decision processes.

Get onboard with a dryp pilot project

This is a great opportunity for you to get started with IoT and digitalization!

5 Dryp units + mounting system
for 6 months

Dryp platform for monitoring, data analysis, applications, and online support

The Water Pollution Committee of the Society of Danish Engineers (SVK) rain gauge data integration

Option to add own data to the Dryp platform - up to 5x the no. of Dryp units

4 onboarding workshops how to install and maintain the Dryp units and platform

Evaluation note based on your collected data and specific challenges

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