SDG Tech Awards Nominee 2020 - People’s Choice Award

One of Dryp’s founding partners, InforMetics, has been nominated for the prestigious award SDG Tech Awards 2020 in Denmark. We are proud and honored that InforMetics is selected together with approximately 300 very talented and respected Danish SDG statup companies - we need your help to be noticed!

InforMetics has been an important partner in launching the Dryp solutions with the aim to contribute to the digitalization of the water sector and to create solutions that the water sector can use widely. InforMetics doesn’t only work sustainably, we think sustainability in everything we do. We are part of Ehub, an office community for sustainable innovative start-ups. We assure that the Dryp IoT sensors are 100% recyclable and that the components are recycled. The batteries used in the IoT sensors come from suppliers who control the entire life cycle. InforMetics work specifically for flood forecast for protection of recipient community, city and environment (SDG 6 and 11).

Sewers and wastewater are a very important part of the cities that we, fortunately, often do not notice because they just solve their task. But the potential to monitor the water infrastructure and utilize this knowledge for a better use of the water resources, to save CO2 in climate adaptation and to create more smart data-driven solutions that ensure clean bathing water and prevent floods are huge. The Climate change is increasing the pressure on sewers and drainage systems in many cities around the world. One of the challenges is that many overflows are not monitored, and therefore there are not enough observational data to monitor the interaction between sewer system, overflow and recipients.

When the founding partners launched the Dryp solutions they wanted to create a future where the entire water infrastructure can be monitored in real-time using a network of distributed wireless sensors. We believe that a holistic overview of the urban water cycles is important for achieving sustainable, robust and habitable cities, and it is also the basis for a good socio-economic priority. With more observation data, you can ensure that the right priorities and investments are made and thereby also secure the resources.

We want more focus on the wastewater industry’s contribution and potential in the global green transition. Therefore, for the People’s Choice Award we hope for your vote for the entire water industry here:  no later than 21 September at 23:59.

With this nomination we want turn the spotlight on the wastewater industry. We cannot do this alone. Stand up for the water industry and stand up for sustainable initiatives.